A couple of weeks ago I was asked to create a one off piece of jewellery, a necklace, for a lovely client of ours. She had some very specific design ideas and brought in another piece of jewellery for inspiration.

The main point of the necklace was that it should be made from Copper!

 As I have never worked in copper this really exited me and I was really looking forward to working in this new material.

However, with each new commission comes its challenges as copper is by nature a fairly soft material and also partial to tarnish. Thankfully the design of the pendant worked in my favour. The customer wanted a hammered effect which helps to add tension to the metal - as well as looking great. I then coated the piece in tarnish resistant laquer to ensure that the beautiful colour will endure.

I am really happy with the end result and so, more importantly, is my client. In fact, I am a bit jealous and might just have to make a similar one for myself!


Copper Necklace Commission